May 23

As Jennie begins her 28th week of pregnancy, all is well in the Tilson house. Daphne wrestles with what to name her brother on an hourly basis. She is leaning towards "Drink" at the moment. Either that or her other favorite, "Daphne 2". It's funny that she refers to him as her "big brother". Does she know something that we don't? She asked Mommy what kind of diaper he would be wearing when he was born.

Here are some photos showing Daphne in all her craziness:

I love my undies on my head!

Why am I not supposed to jump on the bed again?

Pele Daphne scores another goal!

Look at all the strawberries I picked!

Eating wears me out! Zzzz...

Like my new shoes?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


May 13 (26 weeks pregnant)

Happy Friday the 13th!

I attended Daphne's recital (choral presentation) at her Mother's Day Out school on Tuesday. Watching the group of 3 year olds perform was priceless! I shot fifteen minutes worth of video with my little camcorder. If any of the video looks promising, I will upload a snippet to YouTube and share with you.

Daphne is now fully potty trained. Just to be safe, she still sleeps in an overnight diaper. But, she wears soft little panties the rest of the day. She is such a big girl!

More to come...
Dave T.

May 6

Jennie had a routine doctor visit yesterday. Baby boy is 1 pound 12 ounces and growing fine. His heart rate measured 158 beats per minute (normal). Jennie's labor will be induced in 3 short months...

Here are some new photos of him:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


May 5 (25 weeks pregnant)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy birthday to my big sister, too!

Daphne wants to name her unborn baby brother, "Broccoli Casserole Tilson".

As promised, here are some new photos of Daphne:

Tell me a story, Daddy...

Do you like my boots?

I love dyeing Easter eggs!

Let's go on an Easter egg hunt.

I don't want to take a nap!

What color should I make this egg?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.