September 18

Daphne lost her second tooth on September 7th.  It was barely hanging on and she finally allowed Mommy to gently tug at it.  And voila!  The tooth fairy left her another golden dollar under her pillow...


September 3

Daphne & Shea had a nice visit yesterday with Pappaw Wayne & Nanny Cyndee.  The holiday weekend seemed too short, but the break was sorely needed.  Daphne has two more teeth that are super wiggly and eager to fall out.  The tooth fairy will deliver more golden dollars soon...

Shea just woke up from a nap

Sleepy Shea

Daphne taunting Shea

I'm cute as a button.

Like my new tattoo?

I have a tattoo also.

I love my scooter!