Implantation complete

Baby #2 (and possibly #3) implanted successfully this morning.

The embryo on the left was an "A" grade and very nice looking.
The embryo on the right was a "B" grade and appears to be doing well.

Remember, Daphne was a "B" grade embryo and we think she is absolutely perfect!

Re-read the transcript of Daphne's implantation...

Here's a quick recap of our babymaking history beginning in the Summer of 2007:
A hyperstimulated Jennie produced 61 follicles for harvesting.
32 eggs were extracted for a fertilization attempt with a Petri dish of my finest sperm.
16 eggs became properly fertilized through ICSI and began dividing.
Only 6 embryos developed beyond the blastocyst stage in "A" or "B" grade (well enough to be used for IVF).
2 fresh embryos were implanted to produce Daphne and the other 4 were placed in the freezer at -280 degrees.
Today, the clinic thawed 2 embryos successfully and implanted them into Jennie's uterus while leaving 2 in the freezer (for possible future use).

November 29

Today is the big day!

Jennie's implantation of two frozen embryos will occur (if all goes well) in the mid-morning. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for a good outcome.

There is always a risk of the embryos not thawing properly or the implantation not succeeding, but we are trying to remain positive.

Daphne wants a little brother to boss around.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


November 23

While Thanksgiving is only two days away, I am already thankful for the many blessings I have in my life. Daphne keeps asking us for a baby brother (to torment). She has been practicing her mommy skills by dragging her little dolly around the house by an arm or leg (and not bumping the doll into too many walls). She loves giving her "baby" a pretend bottle and rocking it to sleep.

Jennie had her follow up doctor visit today to inspect her uterine lining. The ultrasound nurse assured Jennie that her lining looked great and we are still on schedule for implantation next week.

Of the four embryos we have in the freezer, we have 3 "B" quality and 1 "A" quality ready to thaw. Since Daphne was a "B" quality embryo, I can only imagine how perfect the "A" will become.

I will post some new photos before Thanksgiving Day.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


November 15

Here's the latest news:

Jennie had her suppression check (routine doctor appointment) on Wednesday, November 10th. She was fully suppressed by Thursday morning and began the estradiol valerate injections (.1 mL two times the first week in the rump) at night. She continues to take injections of Lupron in the belly each morning after waking up.

At her appointment last Wednesday, an ultrasound of her uterus was also performed. Everything is progressing well and she returns to the doctor next week.

I will post some new photos of Daphne-doodle this week.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


November 9

Jennie has her suppression check tomorrow. Basically, her hormone levels will be evaluated (blood draw) and an ultrasound will be performed. She is on day 9 of her Lupron shots in her belly.

The embryo transfer is still on target to be implanted the week of November 29th.

Oh yeah, tomorrow is my 38th birthday. I'm old...

Daphne is spending the night with Mimi and PopPop since I have to take Jennie to the hospital at 0 dark 30.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.