April 28 (24 weeks pregnant)

Daphne called me at work today with terrific news.

"Daddy, I went poo poo in the potty! It was a little one and a big one. Now I get a lollipop!"

Daphne has been trying so hard to come up with a new name for her unborn baby brother. The latest name she really likes is "Banana Tilson". I guess that name is better than her last suggestion of "Microwave Tilson".

Daphne climbed into my arms two nights ago and whispered, "I want to be just like you when I grow up, Daddy. I want to be a bald boy!"

I will post some Easter photos from last weekend soon...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


April 22

Another exhausting week has come to an end. Jennie's pregnancy (23 1/2 weeks) and Daphne (the little Energizer bunny) contribute to our never ending fatigue. I am anxious for a nap!

Earlier in the week, Daphne had a fever of 102 with the accompanying ear infections. The doctor described her infections as "horrible" and "even worse". Bubble gum flavored Amoxicillin to the rescue!

Daphne is doing much better (her cold is nearly gone) and her Mother's Day Out school had an Easter party yesterday. She came home with 23 plastic eggs filled with various goodies. She loves for you to find the eggs she has hidden all over the house.

Here are some new photos:

Where did Mommy hide the Easter eggs?

Do you like my pretty basket?

More Sponge Bob please!

I found all the eggs.

A yummy hot-dog...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


April 18 (23 weeks pregnant)

Jennie is doing much better. Her bleeding (knock on wood) seems to have ceased for now. I believe I jinxed it the last time I reported this, so please pretend I said nothing.

Baby boy routinely punches or kicks Jennie between 8 and 10pm. GOOD NEWS: Only three short months until we get to meet him. BAD NEWS: We still have not decided on a good name. Why is it so much harder to name a boy? We agreed on the name Daphne in a few short days. But, there are so many boy names we just do not like.

Daphne cannot wait to take care of her baby brother as well. Let's hope she is a wee bit more gentle with baby than she is with her dollies.

New photos coming soon,
Dave T.

April 11

Each night, Daphne sleeps with her "Duck-Duck" (stuffed animal), "Pooh Bear" (Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal), and "Blanky" (a small polar fleece baby blanket). She says they are her babies and can hold an intelligent conversation with any of them. "Duck-Duck, he is a girl. Let me tell you about Blanky. She's a boy!", smiles Daphne. Huh? My daughter is so contrary. She finds it hilarious to say the opposite of what you expect.

"I don't love you this week, Daddy, but I will love you tomorrow. You are my best friend."

Holding both palms outstretched, Daphne exclaims, "I have five and five babies in my belly just like Mommy!"

"I have a great idea! I will be the fastest girl ever; watch me run back and forth!"

It is not unusual to see Daphne prancing around the house nude from the waist down. "I just went pee pee, Daddy! Give me two M&Ms."

Daphne has not quite mastered the art of poo poo on the potty, but she's a terrific tinkler. She knows all about wiping, washing, and announcing to the world what she just did in the loudest voice possible.

Here are some new photos:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


April 6 (21 weeks pregnant)

Jennie has two more doctor appointments tomorrow to look at the progress of our unborn baby boy.

Daphne has been attending a Mother's Day Out program twice per week for a few months now. She likes to come home and share with us the songs she sings in chapel. Unfortunately, I don't think she has mastered all the lyrics. She does have a great imagination though. She sings, "He's a mighty one. Jesus loves his makeup." and something about Jesus on a rocket ship in outer space and surfing in the ocean. Oh well, it's hard not to giggle and she really believes she is singing something important, too.

Earlier in the week, Daphne was doing flips in our living room. Pop Pop said, "You did a somersault." Daphne replied, "No, Pop Pop, I believe it was a somer-pepper."

New pictures coming soon...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.