January 23

Today is the 23rd of the month. That translates to: Happy 173rd Anniversary to Jennie and me!

Shea is trying so hard to sit up like a big boy. His latest trick is doing push ups on Mommy's thigh until he flops over on his back. He doesn't seem to giggle as much as Daphne did at 6 months, but he's got an incredible toothless grin with dimples!

Daphne's behavior is only getting worse. Increased discipline and attention do not seem to help. The Terrible Twos and Trying Threes were nothing compared to the "I can do whatever I want and you can't stop me" Fours. Oh brother!

More pics to come:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


January 13

We had a very light dusting of snow yesterday. Daphne was so excited! She is dying to build a snowman...

Shea really enjoys sitting up like a big boy! Here he patiently waits while Mommy gets ready to feed him some yummy peas.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


January 11

Shea had his 6 month old check up yesterday at the doctor's office. He is developing well and appears to be a healthy baby boy. His weight is 13.2 pounds, length is 24.25 inches, and head circumference is 41.1 cm.

Flashback: Daphne's 6 month vitals...

Earlier in the week, Mommy painted Daphne's toes for the first time with sparkly, pink polish. My little Daphne is no longer a baby (she weighs 40 pounds, but feels much heavier than a bag of mulch).

Shea is sleeping on his tummy in his crib (usually until 2am or so), has begun eating rice cereal with puréed pears, and can roll over from his belly to back with ease. He takes 3 or more naps per day, while Daphne takes none.

Daphne loves to smooch and hug her baby brother. But, when he gets too much attention, she still asks us to put him in the garbage can. Daphne gets overwhelmingly excited when he smiles at her. "He smiled at me! He just smiled at me!" ~ Daphne exclaims.

Daphne can make it through the night without tinkling in her overnight pull up (training underwear). She does a great job throughout the day using the potty all by herself. Occasionally requiring adult assistance for wiping (especially for her #2 activities), Daphne proudly wears big girl panties. What a relief that she is almost completely potty trained!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.