December 29

Happy birthday to my father!  He turned 39 for the 28th time yesterday...

Here are a few photos from the last week:

December 22

Merry Christmas!


December 4

Time flies! Where shall I begin? Since my last blog entry (a month ago), I celebrated a milestone birthday and the kids have grown up right before our eyes. Enjoy the photos and video below... 


November 7

Shea the Giraffe

Daphne the Friendly Witch

Happy Birthday to Jennie (October 29th)

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy Birthday Mommy!


Ice cream is yummy!


November 1

I hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween! Daphne enjoyed Trick or Treating on 3 separate occasions this year (once at the local YMCA's Trunk or Treat event last week, once at her pre-K last week, and we walked around our neighborhood last night). Shea dressed as a giraffe (photos coming soon) and Daphne was a friendly witch. Also, watch for an upcoming YouTube video post of what happens when you give Daphne & Shea an ice cream sandwich! Here are the Fall 2012 - School pictures (which I posted on Facebook yesterday):


October 16

Here are some new videos of Shea in the kitchen:

September 25

Daphne's first pedicure with Grandma & Mommy

Shea dressed up in business casual attire

Shea modeling his tropical clothes

Daphne being sweet to her brother


September 9

Everyone in our family has been suffering from a gastrointestinal bug for the last week and a half. It got so bad recently that I inflated an air mattress in our living room so we wouldn't have to run up the stairs to empty Daphne's vomit pail at all hours of the night. Poor Shea had the most diarrhea and I had the most vomiting. For now, we feel better. Here are some new photos for your enjoyment: