May 27

Happy Memorial Day!

The kids are really keeping us busy as you probably guessed by my lack of blogging.
Here are some new photos for your enjoyment:

I love the zoo!

Friends forever
I love to eat...

Popping bubbles

Our new under cabinet lighting...

Princess Daphne

Daphne wanted to try out her new umbrella.

Watch me climb these stairs!

I'm a little devil like my sister.

Daphne loves to tell Shea what he needs to do.

I'm becoming very mobile.


May 9

Shea now has four upper teeth and two lower teeth.

Can you believe Shea is ten months old today? He pulls himself up with ease and cruises around the downstairs ottoman, couch, and fireplace.

Daphne is slowly warming up to Shea. She would never admit it though. Here are some new photos: