December 30

Daphne absolutely *loves* playing house in her new pup tent. "Hold hand", she says with an outstretched arm as she leads you to her humble abode. Once you arrive, Daphne will bark an order, "one becky (blanket) please". This is her way of politely asking you to retrieve a blanket. Upon delivering the treasure, she cries, "becky two!"

Hmm, you can probably see where this is going. I promptly return with her second favorite blanket and present it to the Queen of Tents. "Becky three, Daddy!" Uh oh, another blanket for her highness and on the double. What can I say? My little girl has me wrapped around her little finger.

I am so glad Daphne can only count to five. And, luckily, she only has five blankets, too! She makes sure Elmo, Ernie, and "Muckey Gorge" (Curious George) are tucked in tight and each lay horizontal under their own blanket. Then, she begins cooking soup for all of her dollies and pretends to feed them until they are stuffed.

After a little hide and seek around the chairs and dining room table, Daphne insists I chase her around the house in another game called, "Run, run, run". When she gets caught up in the moment, she yells, "I gonna get you, Daddy!"

More photos soon!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


December 27

Happy birthday to my Dad tomorrow! I won't reveal his age outright, but let's just say he will be celebrating his 2 to the 6th power birthday (for all of you math geeks out there). Jennie, Daphne, and I are planning to visit my Dad and my Step-Mom in the coming week as well. We always eat way too much good food during our visits!

Tonight during supper, Daphne said, "I missed you Daddy" three separate times (background: she spent the afternoon at Jennie's parent's house while we broke down the Christmas decorations, etc). Awww, very heartwarming indeed. But, the highlight of my day occurred at Daphne's bedtime. After Jennie & I brushed Daphne's teeth, changed her into her pajamas, and read her a short book, she said, "I wuv (love) you Daddy". That's enough to bring a tear to your eye...

Here are some photos from this weekend: (Notice the last photo --> Daphne calls any sport on TV, "Hockey" -- hehehe)

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


December 25

Merry Christmas everyone!

Highlights of Daphne's second Christmas: learning to rip the wrapping paper like a big girl, playing with the bows (placing them all over her body), and running in circles with arms outstretched and loudly giggling. Watching her excitement as she opened each gift was truly priceless!

A few of Daphne's favorite gifts received this morning were: her Elmo slippers, tent and tunnel, and her IKEA wooden bead rollercoaster.

More anecdotes coming soon...

Here are a few photos of Daphne opening her Christmas goodies:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


December 22

Twas the day before the day before the Eve of Christmas (Dec 22nd) and Daphne has her first ever ear infection! Uh oh, my little baby's low grade fever and sluggish behavior finally makes sense. After two weeks of randomly mixed symptoms, Jennie scheduled Daphne to see the doctor yesterday. Some days Daphne would have no fever or runny nose, but would double over with a raspy cough. Then, out of the blue, a fever would appear and her nose would drip worse than a faucet in a fraternity house.

Other than being painfully constipated and lacking a real appetite, Daphne is doing well. A few weeks of Miralax and ear medicine should do the trick...

The doctor reminded Jennie once again that Daphne has the most beautiful eyes he's ever seen in a baby. Little boys should be warned that I plan on keeping a loaded shotgun handy once Daphne begins dating.

I am pleased to report that Daphne can now count to four on her own (and with a lot of guidance she can make it to thirteen). Five or six letters still escape her, but she has the harmony down for the ABC song (it is so cute watching her dance and sing, "A, B, E, B, F, X, G, O, Q ...." Hey, she's trying!

New photos upcoming.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


December 18

Today I had both the H1N1 and the seasonal influenza shots injected into my deltoids. My employer scheduled the seasonal flu shot to be administered way back in October, but our provider ran out of their supply. So, better late than never!

Little Daphne and I are still coughing our heads off. If you didn't know any better, a visit to the Tilson homestead might be confused with a 19th century tuberculosis ward. Cough, cough, hack, hack.

As I walked into the house tonight after work, Daphne was "cookin'" with her Tupperware bowl, measuring cups, and silicone spoon. She was making a pretend "foop" (soup) with "eggies" (eggs), "puckahs" (pickles), "pep-pup" (ketchup), "soogah" (sugar), cheese, milk, and toast. She poured each virtual ingredient with much care and stirred the concoction with a huge grin.

"Ohhh, Daddy!" she screamed with raised arms. "Daddy home. Miss you." Jumping into my arms, Daphne has almost mastered the pucker and smooch. She is getting better with her usage of "please" and "thank you". What a sweet little girl!

Here are some new photos of Daphne in her YMCA exercise gear:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


December 16

Coughing and a few sniffles are all that remain from our family's week long bout with a good old winter cold. Daphne's fever broke on Saturday morning and she picked right up where she left off. It takes a lot more than a runny nose to slow down Daphne-doodle!

Jennie and I finished most of our Christmas shopping over the weekend and again last night. Hey, I avoided the long, claustrophobic lines at Wal-Mart and the pushing and shoving at our local liquor store. Once again, I relied heavily towards online shopping as my primary source of gift-giving.

I will be so happy once January 4th is here and normalcy returns. Bah, humbug! Let's just say I'm not looking forward to the next few weeks. Try out this equation:


Why can't we all just get along? I am the most easy going person I know.

A few weeks ago we lowered our house price and finally, we have our 12th total showing this Saturday afternoon. It will be the first showing in several weeks!

NOTE: New photos of Daphne before the end of the week, honest Abe!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


December 11

Daphne looked like a zombie last night with eyes glazed over. She was hot to the touch, stumbling around like a newborn calf, and her appetite was nonexistent. Tylenol drops temporarily brought her 103 degree temperature down to 101. I believe Jennie might be taking Daphne for a doctor visit today if she shows no sign of improvement this morning.

Here are some photos from a few days ago (just before she got her latest cold):

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


December 10

Daphne's fever topped 102 degrees last night. Jennie, Daphne, and I have been deathly ill the past few days... My throat is still sore, but the dizziness and nausea have subsided. I can only imagine what little Daphne and Jennie are feeling.

On my way out the door today, Daphne vomited all over the coffee table. So, I helped Jennie clean up the mess and inadvertently taught Daphne a new word. She was running around the kitchen saying, "puke, puke, puke" with a grin on her face. At least she has a great sense of humor, right? Her poor little cheeks are rosy, flaming red like a Russian who has drank too much vodka.

I will post some new photos very soon....

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


December 5

MAJOR MILESTONE: For the first time ever, Daphne said, "I love Daddy". And tonight while Mimi & Pawpaw (Jennie's parents) were babysitting, Daphne said her name. I believe she said, "Daphne roll the ball to Mimi" or something similar. She also counted to three today and used her fingers to show me. Not bad for a 21-month old, eh?

Jennie & I discovered that Daphne can not only recognize, but can correctly name 21 of the 26 letters of the alphabet. Now if we could only get her to learn all the colors! She can identify red, green, white, black, and sometimes yellow.

Daphne loves to hum the A, B, C's (aka the Alphabet Song) to just about anything. Did you know that the Alphabet Song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Bah Bah Black Sheep are all the same melody? I had never thought about it until Jennie pointed it out to me.

Here are some photos from today:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


December 2

My third and final week of training in Dunwoody (a suburb in northeast Atlanta) is drawing to a close and I sure do miss Daphne & Jennie! Only a few more days until I hear the phrase "daddy-daddy-daddy" spill forth from my angelic Daphne-doodle.

How do you politely teach the word vagina to a toddler?
When Daphne was first learning to speak, Jennie and I thought "tootie" would be a somewhat pleasant term for Daphne's nether regions. Unfortunately, Daphne began calling it her "cookie". And, she LOVES Sesame Street (one of her favorite characters is Cookie Monster)! Even worse, Daphne will run to the pantry and yell, "cookie, cookie, cookie" when she is hungry. So, now we are in a predicament. On any given morning, Daphne might be yelling for a "cookie" while she is watching "Cookie" on TV and touching her "cookie". Oh brother! We need a new term for her yoohoo... any thoughts?

Elmo is rubbing off on Daphne
Daphne has become increasingly ticklish over the past month. I first noticed Daphne squirm and uncontrollably chuckle during her bath as I washed her underarms and the bottoms of her feet. It's so cute to watch her tighten up her limbs and say, "that tickles" as she laughs in a high pitched tone.

Here are some photos from Thanksgiving weekend: