April 22

Here are some new photos of Daphne & Shea for your enjoyment:
Until tomorrow, Dave T.

April 8

Happy Easter!

Shea's first tooth (right bottom, central incisor) erupted on March 19th. His second tooth (left bottom, central incisor) is very close to making an appearance; you can see and feel it bulging along his gum-line.

Daphne attended a friend's birthday party yesterday and 6 dozen eggs were dyed. I guess we will be eating a lot of egg salad this week as Daphne brought home 18 eggs...

This morning Daphne searched for 55 plastic eggs hidden throughout our yard. The Easter bunny (Jennie) hid them around 3:30am today. Waiting for her on the front porch, Daphne's Easter basket was packed full of chocolate, activity books, and stickers.

Here are some recent photos of Daphne & Shea:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.