August 17

Shea's walking has really improved over the last week. Daphne has completed two fun-filled weeks of school and is actually taking naps! Here are some new photos of Daphne & Shea:


August 7

Yesterday was Daphne's first day of school (pre-K) and she loved it!  Monday's focus was on the letter "I", the number "1", and she practiced writing her name.  Lots of playing, coloring, educational activities, and even a midday nap.  Jennie drops Daphne off before 8am and I pick her up a little before 5pm five days per week. Compared to the Mother's Day Out program she had been attending twice per week from 9am until 2 pm, this is a major adjustment.

Here is some brand new video of Shea walking!  Enjoy...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.