August 27

On August 23rd, Jennie and I celebrated 16 blissful years of marriage.  Unfortunately, we had no anniversary dinner or anything memorable due to busy schedules.  Geez, we haven't been able to have dinner without yelling, kicking, and crying in several years.  And, the kids are loud, too.  I have to admit it's becoming easier to manage both Daphne and Shea in public, but I do expect a few more years will pass before I can eat a meal without having to "wolf it down" at the speed of light.  Keeping Shea entertained and Daphne in her chair is an incredible challenge.

Daphne lost her first tooth on Sunday, August 25th while playing in the pool.  She was being a little rough with one of those foam noodles and whammo!  her wiggly tooth fell to her hand. She proudly waved her prize in the air as her mouth spilled with fresh blood.  I tried to keep her calm and focused on the tooth instead of bringing attention to the tsunami of red flowing from her lower lip.  Once she bit down on a paper towel for a few moments, she proclaimed herself to be "a big girl" as she shoved her toothless void in everyone's face. 

Daphne said, "Daddy, I think after I'm a ballerina for a few years, I will need to go get a shot.  The doctor will help transform me into a Mermaid probably when I'm seven or so."  I nodded and said, "okay, that sounds great".

"I don't think Mommy will like me living in her bathtub," said Daphne.  "But, I'll have to keep my Mermaid parts wet so you can bring me cookies and a toothbrush."

More photos soon...


August 8

Today is Daphne's first day of school!  I cannot believe she is finally in kindergarten...  and she has several loose baby teeth, too.

Shea loves his big sister and follows her around like a little puppy dog.  Just the other day, Mommy was painting Daphne's toenails bright purple for school.  From a nearby chair, Shea pointed his foot outward and said, "my turn!"  To avoid a terrible two tantrum, she obliged with clear, glow-in-the-dark polish on one of his big toes.  Shea likes to feel included and big sister bosses him around like a second mother.