May 21

We closed on our new house last night from 5 to 7pm. Yay! We have a mortgage again... This weekend we will begin to transition out of our temporary apartment into our home. There is no rush as we have the apartment rented for another 5 weeks.

If anyone has some free time and wants to help us get our junk from point A to point B, we will make it worth your trouble. Luckily, our new house is only two and a half miles down the road from our apartment. I foresee many small trips back and forth over the weekend...

New photos will be posted tonight!

Evening update: I posted a handful of new house photos on my FaceBook profile. Otherwise, they can be viewed on Flickr by clicking here.


Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Clay said...

Congrats! I've got to work this weekend, but I will be glad to help next week or the following weekend.

I'm excited for you guys. From the photos your new home is a beauty!