January 20

Today, Jennie had a routine doctor visit (ultrasound, bloodwork, etc).

Here are the stats from today's exam:
  • Baby XYZ is 33.9mm in length
  • Baby XYZ has a 189 bpm heart rate
  • A very small subchorionic hemorrhage is present (this is found in 33% of patients)
  • Jennie is considered 10 weeks, 1 day pregnant

The doctor assured Jennie that the baby appears healthy and normal.

Her next doctor visit is in 1 - 2 weeks to have an iron level check, vitamin D level check, and a measurement for the nuchal fold.

Her next ultrasound is at 20 weeks (that's when we find out the baby's sex).

I will post today's ultrasound photos tonight...

More to come,
Dave T.

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