February 23 (15 weeks pregnant)

Where do I begin? So much has happened in the last two or three days...

On Monday afternoon, my final living Grandparent passed away. My maternal grandmother was placed in quarantine at the nursing home with pneumonia and had suffered another stroke recently. She is in a much better place now.

Yesterday morning around 4:15am, Jennie woke up to heavy bleeding and cramping. Naturally, we thought she was having a miscarriage. Her subchorionic hemorrhage has grown like a large dam holding back a river of blood. Well, the dam broke and it is devastating.

We spent many hours seeing doctors, having ultrasounds, and running tests to make sure our unborn child is still viable. We learned that 1 in 4 pregnancies experience some sort of bleeding. In fact, Jennie experienced various amounts of bleeding during her pregnancy with Daphne all the way up to 16 weeks.

Jennie has been ordered to be on strict bed rest for the next week. The doctor assured us that Jennie did nothing wrong to cause the bleeding and it appears more frequently in IVF pregnancies (for unknown reasons).

This weekend is Daphne's 3 year old birthday party on Saturday. Jennie will have to sit or recline for the party and cannot do any sort of housework. I did not want to deny Daphne of her yearly celebration, so I am cleaning the house at every opportunity. Instead of making Daphne's cake and treats, all food items will be catered.

GOOD NEWS: The baby appears healthy and is growing with no amniotic fluid loss.

BAD NEWS: Jennie may or may not continue bleeding and the subchorionic hemorrhage is being closely monitored biweekly or sooner if it increases.

More to come,
Dave T.

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