March 25

Daphne wants to be a singing ballerina

Shea is such a happy boy!

Daphne's "stop taking pictures of me, Daddy" look


Daphne came over to me this weekend and had a scared look on her face.  She said, "Daddy?  I'm really worried that you are going to die when you turn 100 and that's not too far off."  Just how old does she think I am?  LOL.  I explained to her that people can die at any time (not just 100).  So, that made her even more worried!

Shea is starting to use 3 and 4 word sentences and some of his new words and phrases are quite comical.  "Bye bye now", "All gone", "I want some more", "A bite, please", and just about anything that is sweet or tastes good is known as "cocklett"  (chocolate).  He also has heat and cold confused ---- he'll say "brrr.  hot" when we are outside in the cold air.  Or if he's taking a hot bath, he might say, "cold!"  hehehe

Oh yeah, and if you ask Shea the color of anything, he says, "Yellow".

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