April 14

Shea is seen here modeling an outfit I used to wear 40 years ago. I believe my Aunt Carol made this outfit for me while I was an Army brat living in Germany.
Shea is reporting for duty!

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Anonymous said...

Dave, I can't remember if cousin Jim wore this uniform but I know that Steven did and after he outgrew and I had a boy, Carol passed it on down for you to wear as we were in the Army also. She might like it back after Shea is finished with it. Actually it should have gone to Jim's son before Shea. I didn't think and I bet Carol didn't know that we had still hung on to it. oops! But Shea sure looks cute in it. Also. that's the old uniform that had to be so starched that it was had for the guys to get their legs thru and hot so they went to machine wash polyester. That's my input. Hi Carol!