August 8

Today is Daphne's first day of school!  I cannot believe she is finally in kindergarten...  and she has several loose baby teeth, too.

Shea loves his big sister and follows her around like a little puppy dog.  Just the other day, Mommy was painting Daphne's toenails bright purple for school.  From a nearby chair, Shea pointed his foot outward and said, "my turn!"  To avoid a terrible two tantrum, she obliged with clear, glow-in-the-dark polish on one of his big toes.  Shea likes to feel included and big sister bosses him around like a second mother.

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Anonymous said...

I've been watching everyday for a new update to blog. Loved all these pic's too. Just really love that they are both so happy children. You two must have them in such a happy environment that it just always shows. It hard to believe that they ever get mad or upset because they are always laughing. You'll have to call and let me know how Daphne's first day of school was. And, was Shea just lost without her? I'm still waiting to book a trip up there until after I get the nerves burned in my neck. I went 6 days with no headache, so I am definitely a prime candidate. Love you all. Grandma