June 24

Jennie and I celebrated our 142nd wedding anniversary yesterday with a nice meal at Famous Dave's (hey, we are only two months shy of reaching the 12 year milestone).

Daphne began Tuesday morning with a play date, shopped around town with Mommy, and finally, spent several hours of splashing at a local swimming pool. She is doing really well socializing with other kiddos. After dinner, Daphne was so zonked out that she went right to sleep without a fuss.

The NHL entry draft is only a few days away! Words simply cannot express how excited I am to commence a new season filled with player trades, signings, defections, and arbitration hearings. Maybe this will be the magical year the Nashville Predators will win it all? Yeah, right. But, it never hurts to dream!

As promised, here are some more photos from the Gina Stansberry collection:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Anonymous said...

She appears to just love the water. Bill says she will love the bay side but probably not the gulf side at the beach. I was tinking about finding her a little suit with the padding in it so she doesn't have to have the life jacket on as long as we are with her of course. they are pretty neat and not so worrisome. Mom