June 3

Happy Hump Day! A few days ago was "National Flip A Coin Day". I am sorry to have missed that one!

As Daphne begins her 16th month of life, she has finally landed a nasty cold in the sweltering month of June. She has never been this ill! Her persistent cough and runny nose has not slowed her down one bit. Daphne's daily routine still includes emptying out the occasional cabinet, strategically creating a toy minefield in every room of the house, running under Mommy's feet, and climbing our furniture like a little monkey.

We celebrated Jennie's father's birthday last night with a nice meal at the ultra yummy Macaroni Grill. Afterward, we all watched Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals in HD. Finally, the evil Red Wings were defeated by the good guys. The Penguins trail two games to one in the best of seven series. As you may guess, my hatred of the Red Wings stems from 11 years of listening to smack-talking, Detroit auto-worker transplants (i.e., Red Wing hockey fans living in Nashville). Oh well, enough blabbing about hockey...

My first cousin has published a book that is featured on Amazon. Check it out by CLICKING HERE. NOTE: I do not receive any royalties from my shameless plug.

Where does the time go? I have been working at my new job for eight weeks now! My first major project is drawing to a close and I am no longer "the new guy" anymore.

Here are some photos of Daphne wearing a chip bowl "hat" at a local Mexican restaurant:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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