January 3

Daphne's chompers are beginning to peek beneath her upper lip when she smiles. Her "Bugs Bunny" grin is absolutely adorable...

As of today, she has only four teeth (3 upper, 1 lower). A buddy of mine quickly pointed out to me that Daphne now has more teeth than many Southerners. hehehe

Daphne has a new game she likes to play called "bonk". If you gaze into her blue eyes and say "bonk", she gently bumps her noggin into your forehead. It might become one of those cute little games we dread we ever encouraged. Another favorite game we play is called "stinky kisses". If you hear Daphne produce some flatulence, just ask her if she's blowing you stinky kisses. She immediately giggles uncontrollably. There's nothing like encouraging crude behavior, eh?

More photos soon...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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