January 31

Remember the other night when Daphne correctly identified me as "da-da-da" and Jennie as "ma-ma-ma"? Well, it was most likely a fluke as she called me "ma-ma" numerous times today. That's okay... I have been called worse! hehehe

Daphne is going through a phase right now where she prefers to be held and cuddled. If you put her down, she cries briefly and extends her arms up in the air. After a few moments pass, she begins playing with her toys and forgets why she was upset...

Daphne fell asleep on my chest for a little "tummy time" this afternoon (check out the last photo below):

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Lizz said...

Too cute! And, since she is almost 1, it is possible she is testing for reactions by calling you "ma-ma" instead of "da-da". Everything is a game at that age and if she gets a fun reaction, she'll likely repeat the "mistake". Does she have other words?
Take care!

Dave said...

That's a great point! Daphne has several sounds and gestures she repeats when we laugh at them. Most of her words now are gibberish, but she is really trying to mimic us...

Take care,
Dave T.