January 4

Tooth number five arrived today! Daphne now has three upper and two lower teeth.

In celebration of her new "toothie", we gave Daphne some Zwieback toast. Enjoy the new photos below:

Oh no, Daddy pulled out the camera...

Why is the toast in my hair?

I'm a silly goose!

I think it's bath time...

Can you spot my two front teeth?

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Lizz said...

I miss the messy days of biter biscuits and funky toast! LOL She's a doll baby! Cherish these days! In a few short years, my cute little bundle has surpassed me in height and he is all "tween" now- can you imagine? Take care!

mom said...

I could see the teeth. She is so cute and always happy. You may not agree, but she appears to be! Thats my grandbaby. I wish I could squeeze her. After I go see Great granma, I want to plan a trip to see Daphne. OK?

Jennie said...

We are super lucky. She really is a good baby as long as she gets her naps and to bed on time. We all would love to see you, too!