October 12

Happy Columbus Day!

Our realtor scheduled another realtor-only tour of our house tomorrow afternoon. We really hope it leads to more showings in the coming days...

Daphne is so full of surprises. Without any prompting whatsoever, she casually pointed at the TV and clearly said, "pumpkin". Some of her other newest words are: "train", "choo choo", "taxi", "sitting", "cooking", "TV", "mine", and "open". We are so proud that her vocabulary expands daily. If only she could recite her ABC's while balancing on one foot and blindfolded, then we might be onto something. She's so cute when she tries to read a book all by herself (speaking mostly gibberish, but very convincing and serious).

Daphne always wants to know where and what her Mimi (Jennie's Mom), Pawpaw (Jennie's Dad), Mommy, and Daddy are doing. Her animated behavior is over-the-top and priceless...

Here are some new photos of Daphne playing in the kitchen:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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