October 4

Daphne learned how to jump on the bed this weekend (oh, brother). Her giggles are quite infectious as she flops around the mattress. She's not yet tall enough to climb onto our bed by herself, so she cries, "hep me Daddy! peas hep me" (help me Daddy, please help me).

She likes to hide under the "cuckers" (covers) and lay back on the "pee-loe" (pillow). Today, we taught Daphne how to pretend like she is asleep and snoring.

Daphne is developing a strong attachment to one of her crib "beckies" (blankets). Each morning, Daphne begins to stir and yells "up, up" for me to come get her. She hugs her "becky" tightly as I lift her out of her crib.

Here are some new photos from this weekend:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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