October 30

Wow! So much has happened this week. I don't even know where to begin...

First and foremost, happy birthday to Jennie! Earlier tonight, Jennie, her parents, Daphne, and I celebrated the birth of Jennie at a local restaurant. Afterward, we returned home and all gathered in the living room to watch the Predators beat the Black Hawks (NHL Ice Hockey).

Daphne has been Trick-or-Treating at least three times this week and has two final candy gathering adventures this weekend. Luckily, she's way too young to appreciate the candy goodness so Jennie and I willingly help her out by polishing off the treats. After all, we do not want to commit candy abuse and let it go to waste!

In the past couple of days, our house has been shown to three more potential buyers. Based on feedback we received from our realtor (all positive news), two of the three families will most likely request an additional showing of our house in the near future (after some mulling over and comparison shopping). We are still crossing our fingers and toes that a bidding war will ensue.

Unfortunately, Daphne appears to be coming down with a minor cold (runny nose, etc). Great. On the bright side, she is building up her immunity for the future.

Here are some photos of Daphne participating in "Trunk-or-Treat" at the local YMCA:

Daddy & Daphne ready to acquire some candy!

"Mimi" & "Pawpaw" Aston aka Jennie's parents


Mama & Daphne having a great time

Family Portrait

The Three Ladybugs...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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