February 13

Happy Valentine's Day!

Daphne surprised us with a new word today: "ticklish". After her nap, we were all acting silly and engaging in some horseplay. Jennie asked Daphne if she had any tickle spots while lightly grazing her belly. "hehehe, I'm ticklish", giggled Daphne.

Last night, Daphne tried her first ever Girl Scout Cookie. She really liked it. "mmmm, cookie delicious", she said.

The 2010 Winter Olympics have begun! As you could have easily guessed, I will be watching lots of world class hockey over the next two weeks. Today, I turned on the TV and Daphne screamed, "Hockey!" Unfortunately, it was the men's ski jump. Pretty much anything on TV is called hockey to Daphne. She emphatically pointed out to me that the announcers had big noses and mouths. I thought she made a great observation. Hopefully, her honesty does not extend to strangers at a restaurant. I can see it now, "Hey Daddy, this lady has a big nose! That man has funny ears!" Oh, brother...

The local weather has forecast more snow for middle Tennessee this weekend. They have predicted 2 to 3 inches of accumulation, but you know that means nothing.

More photos of Daphne coming soon!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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