February 8

My little girl can now recognize herself in pictures! "Muff-knee is a little baby", says Daphne. "Mirror Daddy, I look at Muff-knee." Daphne insists on primping in front of a mirror while trying on a hat or a new hair bow. Cupping my cheeks in her tiny little hands, Daphne will say, "I like Daddy's beard." I don't have a true beard, but I get severe 5 o'clock shadow every weekend due to laziness...

Three weeks from today, Daphne will be 2 years old! Where does all the time go?

Yesterday, a realtor presented our house to a potential buyer. I hope this 14th suitor is the charm. We are ready to move on and to finally sell this house. No one had inquired about our house since the first week of December, so we were a little shocked Saturday to find out someone wanted to view our home. Maybe they will tender us a nice offer before the end of the week? We will see.

New photos of Daphne coming soon!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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