February 22

Unusually warm weather has found its way to the middle Tennessee region. I wore a T-shirt and shorts outside on Saturday and needed a light windbreaker at the park on Sunday. Only a week or two ago we had several inches of snowfall.

Daphne will be two years old in one week! We are throwing a very small celebration this year (since we are still selling our house, etc).

I don't want to be a jinx, but four families toured our this weekend. A total of 17 realtor showings have been held since our initial listing in late August. Unfortunately, no one has tendered an offer in nearly 5 months. We are extremely frustrated with the lack of feedback given by those families touring our house. Really? They cannot give any constructive criticism?

Here are some new photos of Daphne helping out in the garden and trying on her new bathing suit:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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