March 11

Today is Daphne's 2 year doctor visit. With her recent growth spurt (nearly 27 pounds and growing like a weed), I believe the doctor will be pleased.

It is only a matter of time until Daphne is potty trained. She asks for the potty seat after her bath concludes and excitedly makes a happy sprinkle as we read a book or three.

I hear, "Daddy, hug Muffy." each morning before I leave for work. She smooches my cheek with a soft pucker and sends me off with an energetic wave.

As you have probably noticed, it has become an increasing challenge to blog more than 2 or 3 times per week. I struggle to creatively compose late at night and during the day, my access to blogs & message boards is heavily restricted at work. In fact, I am riding the wireless bandwidth of a neighboring hotel (next to my place of employment) to bring you this entry from my personal laptop. Oh well, comme ci, comme ca.

Nothing new to report on the home selling front.

Daphne will get to attend TWO hockey games next week for the first time. Jennie's parents made an emergency trip to Oklahoma to be with a suddenly ill family member.

New photos coming soon...

Have a wonderful weekend!
Dave T.

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