March 18

Tuesday night's hockey game was a success! Daphne sat on my lap for nearly the entire game. We packed lots of snacks, toys, and items to keep her attention in case the game bored her. For the most part, she was engaged in the action of the game, the festivities on the giant MegaTron screen, and the other 16,500 patrons encompassing her. I noticed Daphne looking around the arena in awe on several occasions. Maybe her good behavior was due to the uncertainty of her surroundings?

Daphne lovingly refers to her Predators ball cap as "my cowboy". Don't ask. I have no clue why a hat is called a "cowboy". Unless she is referring to all items worn on the head as cowboy hats? While eating supper, she insists on wearing her "cowboy". The tricky part is to keep her greasy, condiment soaked fingers off of the bill.

Last night, Jennie went out on the town with several of her girlfriends and I entertained Daphne. After I put her to bed, Daphne talked about her day as she fell asleep. "My go to the zoo today. I have gas. I have gas. I have gas. No, doggie! My bread. Doggie eat it. Mommy get go-shees (groceries). Daddy home. MeeMee (Jennie's mom) gone. PopPop (Jennie's dad) gone."

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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