March 27

What's new?

BREAKING NEWS: Our house has been SOLD as of Friday, March 26th. A single gentleman made a reasonable offer and we accepted. Imagine that? It only took 7 1/2 months and 28 showings... Assuming his pre-approved loan is finalized soon and the home inspector finds no catastrophic issues, we are scheduled to close on April 29th. Yay!

Daphne will be attending two more hockey games over the next four days due to a sudden death in the family. Jennie's maternal grandmother passed away late this week. Her parents have already begun another journey to Oklahoma to attend the funeral services.

I have been really swamped at work recently as I finish up a major project. My ability to blog is still restricted during the work day, so naturally, I forget to do it once I get home. Daphne and Jennie are a handful and keep me quite busy.

Here are a few new photos of Daphne and a dozen birthday roses for my mother-in-law:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Lizz said...

Congrats on selling the house!! Hope all the paperwork wraps up correctly! Take care!