June 25 - Day 46 of IVF

Well, today is "implant" day! Jennie and I are about to leave for our appointment now. I will update this tonight when we get home from the surgery center...

EVENING UPDATE: Jennie and I are now home -- she's confined to bed rest for the next 48 hours. All things considered, the procedure went very well today. We arrived at the clinic at 8:45am, but ended up sitting for two hours in the waiting room. It's the only time we have ever had to wait that long, and it only made Jennie more anxious. I'm glad she had a Valium prescribed for today. hehe :)

We were called back into the surgery center around 10:45am and placed into a room. After her vitals were taken, Jennie was asked to disrobe, wear one of those tiny gowns, and get cozily covered up on the hospital bed. An embryologist entered the room and gave us information and photographs of our microscopic children. I am attaching the 5-day old photos of my favorite two children, Embryo A and Embryo B.

Don't they both have my eyes and chin? :) I do see a strong resemblance...

Maybe nine months from now, you can visit Baby A and Baby B once they emerge from the vast darkness known as Jennie's uterus?

Around 11:30am, the doctor came to visit and convinced me to put on some scrubs, surgical shoe covers, a surgical mask, and hat. He said I would not want to miss the fun! I have to admit I was worried I might pass out due to my weak stomach, but I never felt woozy at all. A surgical nurse invited me over to the incubator to view my Petri-dish children under the microscope (before they were loaded on the great rocketship catheter travelling to Planet Jennie's Innards). As soothing James Taylor music played overhead, the entire procedure took thirty minutes tops. The room was dimly lit, but I had a front row seat and perfect view of the ultrasound machine. Poor Jennie was arched in such a way that she could not view the ultrasound LCD, but she kept her eyes tightly closed for nearly the entire procedure.

Afterwards, the nurses wheeled her back into her recovery room and she had to lay completely motionless for an hour. Jennie has a progesterone level blood draw this Wednesday and her blood pregnancy tests will occur on July 5th and 7th.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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