Implantation complete

Baby #2 (and possibly #3) implanted successfully this morning.

The embryo on the left was an "A" grade and very nice looking.
The embryo on the right was a "B" grade and appears to be doing well.

Remember, Daphne was a "B" grade embryo and we think she is absolutely perfect!

Re-read the transcript of Daphne's implantation...

Here's a quick recap of our babymaking history beginning in the Summer of 2007:
A hyperstimulated Jennie produced 61 follicles for harvesting.
32 eggs were extracted for a fertilization attempt with a Petri dish of my finest sperm.
16 eggs became properly fertilized through ICSI and began dividing.
Only 6 embryos developed beyond the blastocyst stage in "A" or "B" grade (well enough to be used for IVF).
2 fresh embryos were implanted to produce Daphne and the other 4 were placed in the freezer at -280 degrees.
Today, the clinic thawed 2 embryos successfully and implanted them into Jennie's uterus while leaving 2 in the freezer (for possible future use).

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onesockmissing said...

All of my digits are crossed. I want a baby brother for Miss D too!