April 11

Each night, Daphne sleeps with her "Duck-Duck" (stuffed animal), "Pooh Bear" (Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal), and "Blanky" (a small polar fleece baby blanket). She says they are her babies and can hold an intelligent conversation with any of them. "Duck-Duck, he is a girl. Let me tell you about Blanky. She's a boy!", smiles Daphne. Huh? My daughter is so contrary. She finds it hilarious to say the opposite of what you expect.

"I don't love you this week, Daddy, but I will love you tomorrow. You are my best friend."

Holding both palms outstretched, Daphne exclaims, "I have five and five babies in my belly just like Mommy!"

"I have a great idea! I will be the fastest girl ever; watch me run back and forth!"

It is not unusual to see Daphne prancing around the house nude from the waist down. "I just went pee pee, Daddy! Give me two M&Ms."

Daphne has not quite mastered the art of poo poo on the potty, but she's a terrific tinkler. She knows all about wiping, washing, and announcing to the world what she just did in the loudest voice possible.

Here are some new photos:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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