April 22

Another exhausting week has come to an end. Jennie's pregnancy (23 1/2 weeks) and Daphne (the little Energizer bunny) contribute to our never ending fatigue. I am anxious for a nap!

Earlier in the week, Daphne had a fever of 102 with the accompanying ear infections. The doctor described her infections as "horrible" and "even worse". Bubble gum flavored Amoxicillin to the rescue!

Daphne is doing much better (her cold is nearly gone) and her Mother's Day Out school had an Easter party yesterday. She came home with 23 plastic eggs filled with various goodies. She loves for you to find the eggs she has hidden all over the house.

Here are some new photos:

Where did Mommy hide the Easter eggs?

Do you like my pretty basket?

More Sponge Bob please!

I found all the eggs.

A yummy hot-dog...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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