April 6 (21 weeks pregnant)

Jennie has two more doctor appointments tomorrow to look at the progress of our unborn baby boy.

Daphne has been attending a Mother's Day Out program twice per week for a few months now. She likes to come home and share with us the songs she sings in chapel. Unfortunately, I don't think she has mastered all the lyrics. She does have a great imagination though. She sings, "He's a mighty one. Jesus loves his makeup." and something about Jesus on a rocket ship in outer space and surfing in the ocean. Oh well, it's hard not to giggle and she really believes she is singing something important, too.

Earlier in the week, Daphne was doing flips in our living room. Pop Pop said, "You did a somersault." Daphne replied, "No, Pop Pop, I believe it was a somer-pepper."

New pictures coming soon...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Scott, Meredith & Audrey said...

The somer-pepper makes me laugh. That is toooo cute!