August 13

What a day! I am still plowing through Jennie's "Honey do" list on my day off. The big chores have been completed and it's all downhill from here! Since Costco takes nearly 4 hours to rotate and balance your tires and top off the Nitrogen levels, I followed Jennie in my car and we knocked out other chores at the same time (I could not possibly walk around Costco for 4 hours and not lose my mind).

I will be installing a digital water timer for our tomato garden this week. It would be a crying shame to lose all of those good ole 'maters when we go on vacation soon. I doubt it will rain while we are gone and I simply do not trust my neighbors to water my plants. :)

Daphne threw a mild tantrum during lunch today at TGI Fridays. And, who could blame her? She desperately needed to take a nap, but she was much too busy "people watching" instead. The little sweet pea is sleeping now as I type...

This is what Jennie and I will see in our future...

After Daphne wakes up from her rest, Jennie and I will tote her over to our new Kroger. Thankfully, they are open 24 hours a day (in case she sleeps longer than the average bear). And before you know it, Hump Day will be over and I will return to work in the morning.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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