August 16

Remember the old adage, "if you give a child an expensive toy, they will ignore the toy and play with the box for hours..."? Yesterday, Daphne happily played with an empty graham cracker box. Being at work, I am not sure how or why Daphne ended up with the cardboard container. Nevertheless, it is so cute to watch her grasp and kick in amazement at a simple box.

Daphne celebrated 24 weeks of life yesterday. Our little princess can almost crawl forwards (backwards and sideways are a breeze). Whether in her playpen, on the floor, or on the bed, Daphne loves to scratch her fingers over the different fabric textures. Her curiosity and awareness of her surroundings seems to be like a sponge; she loves to take it all in.

As promised, here are a few photos from yesterday:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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