February 13

Happy Friday the 13th!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I will spend the day with my two gal pals: Jennie and Daphne. The highlight of my weekend will be shopping for a new mailbox (many thanks to my neighbors who have backed into it several times without apology) and more housecleaning chores (preparing for Daphne's birthday party).

Daphne runs through the house like a little chimpanzee these days. She proudly waves her arms above her head from side to side as she sprints into a room. And, wow, her lungs are strong as she yells, "Mama mama mama!"

Yep, I am still "mama" most days. Of course, Daphne addresses houseplants and her toys as "mama", too. Daphne's vocabulary has increased to "baba", "papa", and "mama" sprinkled with an occasional "dada" for good measure.

As her first birthday quickly approaches, Daphne weighs approximately 18 1/2 pounds and possesses six teeth (two lower and four upper incisors).

Here are some photos from last weekend:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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