February 4

Happy Hump Day!

We have diagnosed Daphne with E.D.E.D (easily distracted eating disorder). During her recent feedings, she would much rather play than eat. Daphne has begun turning her nose up at foods that she used to gobble up and love. Oh well, I am sure this will resolve itself in due time...

Below are some new photos of Daphne lounging around the house and during tonight's bath time:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Lizz said...

Bad news Dave- the food pickiness will continue, and then, out of the blue, just when you and Jennie have come to terms with your little princess's eating habits (or lack there of) she'll change on you again! Aiden could, I do believe, eat his weight in whatever is not nailed down at this point! Of course, he is 5feet tall, and weighs in at 110lbs- but did I mention he is 11 days from turning 11! Seems like I should've gotten another couple of years along before he ate me out of house and home!
Good luck! Maybe Daphne just wants new foods at this point? Plus, she has new skills to try out right now and that is so much more important to her.