February 22

In less than a week, Daphne will celebrate one year of life! Her birthday party on Saturday will feature 21 adults and 10 children... wow! I hope we have enough yard space to fit all of the cars. Jennie and I have been cleaning the house for weeks now and we are anxious for the big day to finally arrive.

Over the last week, we have been DVR recording episodes of Sesame Street for Daphne. She becomes mesmerized by the songs and all of the characters. When "Elmo's World" comes on, she runs to the TV and dances like a little monkey. On the negative side, I find myself humming Sesame Street songs all day long...

Daphne now calls me "Momma-dadda". I guess being half right is better than being wrong? I cannot complain; she is just too sweet!

Daphne has become such a parrot! She imitates just about everything we say or do. At the grocery store, I was blowing hot air on her cold little hands and guess what? She starts making Darth Vader breathing noises at inopportune times (people are going to think she has breathing issues). It's no worse than Zerberts or raspberry noises, I suppose.

Daphne has a big toy wagon full of wooden blocks. She loves nothing more than dumping them all over the floor and making a mess. But this weekend, she learned a new trick. On her own, she likes to put all of the blocks back into the wagon (cleaning up after oneself is a great milestone that even I have not yet mastered).

Today, Daphne learned how to suck Apple Juice through a straw without making a mess. While we were out running errands, we bought her one of those little juice boxes. For whatever reason, we forgot her sippy cup at home and in a pinch, we gave the straw a try. And luckily enough, she figured it out!

Here are some new photos of Daphne:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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