February 18

I have begun shaking the bushes for future employment leads and received my first telephone interview this afternoon. With my final project nearing completion, I feel the need to focus on the art of job searching. I must admit that concentration at work these days is terribly difficult. It is so easy for your mind to wander about the future and the global economic uncertainty. Oh well, I have rambled enough... I WILL find a rewarding job!

Daphne has a new pair of rubber-soled, tennis shoes (baby size 3). She loves to parade around the house clomping them on hard surfaces. Well, I am finally "dada" again to Daphne. And I was just getting used to being called "mama"...

Here are some photos of Daphne modeling her new shoes:

LINK OF THE DAY: Unnecessary Quotes

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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