April 16

Gardening time is here!

Many thanks go out to Jennie's parents for preparing our garden and planting tomatoes. As you see in the photos below, Daphne (our little dirt-loving sunflower) was eager to climb into the garden and help turn the soil.

Daphne has learned a funny trick. She rapidly rubs her fingers up and down over her lips while she hums like a kazoo creating a "bleeb-uh-bleeb-uh-bleeb-uh" noise. I guess it's better than her constant nose picking or playing with her newly found bellybutton. She seems so fascinated with her own anatomy!

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Anonymous said...

We plan on EATING some of those Tomatoes... Mom and Dad Aston.

Anonymous said...

This is great, every little girl should play in dirt. Loved the pics. Mom