April 7

While Daphne's vocabulary only consists of a few words ("ball", "uh-oh", "Mama", "Dada", "duck", and "dog"), she recognizes many more phrases. If we say, "let's go get the mail", she scurries to the front door and waits for you to carry her to the mailbox. If we say, "it's time for a bath", she runs to the bathtub and tries to climb in (before the water has even been drawn). If we say, "are you hungry?", she patiently waits for you to lift her into the high chair and fasten her in the seat.

Daphne loves bouncing on Mommy's belly and riding on Daddy's neck. Here are some new photos:

The view is great up here if you don't mind the glare

Daddy's head is like a bongo drum

Blowing raspberries at the camera

Fast asleep after a long trip to the grocery store

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.