April 28

Daphne is so smart! She points at my photo id badge for work and proclaims, "da da da". And when I call home in the afternoon, she excitedly recognizes my voice on speakerphone by doing a little dance. I think she loves her daddy!

Yesterday, Jennie taught Daphne the difference between green (Daphne calls it "geen"), red (also known as "that"), and other colors. Daphne calls just about everything a "ball" or "this" or "that". I love asking her where her knee, chin, ears, nose, etc are located and she gets it right every time! Be careful asking her about your nose because she will not hesitate to ram her finger up your nose holes! Ouch!

More photos coming soon...

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Anonymous said...

She must get calling everything a ball from her dad, when we lived in Germany you called the Snow capped mountains "Ball" as you pointed to them. Then your dad and I finally figured out you were pointing at these ball things on the electrical wiring at a distance. See how smart you were/are??? Mom