April 30

Knock on wood, today is our final day with no health insurance coverage. My new hire benefits kick in tonight at midnight. Technically, we could buy COBRA coverage retroactively for the April 17 to May 1 time frame if necessary. But, I would rather spend the $1,000+ towards a new MacBook Pro!

My new computer

Guess what? I bit the bullet last night and purchased a new MacBook Pro laptop. Since the Predators missed the playoffs and we have not vacationed in over a year, I felt justified in the purchase. It's true what they say, "owning an iPhone is merely a gateway drug to purchasing a Mac". I have been researching and comparing all of their features for a few weeks now to make an informed decision.

My six year old Sony VAIO laptop is being decommissioned from active duty and will be passed along to Jennie (and Daphne in a few years). Our home computer count has grown to four. Hey, we have more computers in use than televisions!

Jennie taught Daphne the word "cookie" this week. I have a handful of new photos to be uploaded this evening. Check back later...

EVENING UPDATE: As promised, here are some new photos of Daphne.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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Anonymous said...

I see Daphne is doing her Spring cleaning in the kitchen. I would love to fly back up for a few more days to visit with her, but I've got to get these taxes from over my head. Keep up the good work Daphne, you may have to come help grandma!