May 12

Suffering from an ouchy sore throat and nagging cough, I have caught one of those dreaded summer colds. I managed to successfully dodge getting sick all winter, but then again, my old workplace had only a couple of co-workers at the time. Now, I share a facility with more than 2,000 folks, so illnesses are bound to occur more frequently.

Luckily, Jennie has not caught my illness (yet). And, poor little Daphne's runny nose caught my attention this evening while I dried her off after her bath.

Daphne's vocabulary has grown by another word or two. Her most common words are: "Bye", "Brush", "Duck", "Fog" meaning frog, "Geen" meaning green, "Uh oh", "Hi", "Dad", "Mum", and her favorite word of all time, "Ball". Everything else is either "That" or a grunt sounding like "uhhh".

Here's a photo from Mother's Day:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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