May 17

Daphne, the daring chair and couch climber, does not comprehend the word "No" (or she is simply testing her boundaries). In fact, she grins and chuckles as Mommy applies firm discipline. Of course, I remember hearing the stories of me laughing while receiving numerous spankings. Daphne thinks a tap on her bum is nothing more than a fun game!

You can set a watch by Daphne's late afternoon fussy behavior. Everyday at 4pm sharp, Daphne becomes "Crazy Baby". She will start crying for no reason and cannot be consoled --- if you hold her, she wants down. But if you set her down, she wants back in your lap. It's a bizarre witching hour... once 5 - 5:30pm arrive, Daphne is back to normal. Strange, huh?

Here are some brand new photos of Daphne modeling some new clothes including some bathing suits from Grandma Margery:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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