May 25

Happy Memorial Day!

Daphne tried out her new swimming pool today. And our little water bug absolutely loved making big splashes! Jennie's parents surprised her with the pool last week and we have been dying to break it in. Unfortunately, the rainy weather has made it difficult.

Nothing beats a relaxing, three day weekend! Last year, I had to work on Memorial Day (for my previous employer). Although my daily commute has increased from 5 to 40 minutes each way, it's great to have a boatload of holidays again. Oh yeah, and I am truly grateful to be employed as well...

Daphne loves playing hide-and-seek in the house with me. She crouches down against the back of a chair, carefully peeks around the edge to see if I am near, and when our eyes make contact, she excitedly jumps up (arms raised high) proclaiming, "da da da". Sometimes I like to crawl right by her and pretend not to see her. She grabs my neck and shouts in my ear, "da da da" in case I forgot my name.

Enjoy the new photos of Daphne from today:

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.


Lizz said...

Too Cute!! Gotta love those "baby in the pool" pics! A just rolls his eyes over the ones of him now, but then again, he is 11 and everything I do/say is nearly a catastrophe in his world! LOL

Anonymous said...

I need one of those top ones of her. I love that grin. Can't wait to see her. Wonder how she will be on the boat and jumping in from the swim platform? Just can't wait. She's going to be so much fun. Mom