May 28

Daphne experienced the Nashville Zoo for the first time on Tuesday. Instead of enjoying the diverse selection of animals, Daphne found the mulch to be more entertaining. All things considered, Daphne had a great time and will return to the zoo often.

As I was grilling burgers tonight, Daphne impressed me with her ever expanding vocabulary. She points at the birds flying overhead and says, "burr" (meaning "birds"). Then she points toward a grouping of trees and shouts, "tee" (meaning "trees"). And, finally, she touches the fish on her bathmat and says, "gish" (meaning "fish"). I am truly a proud papa! My baby gets so excited trying to communicate with Jennie and me.

Enjoy these new photos of Daphne:

At the petting zoo, Daphne would rather play with the mulch...

Just a swingin'...

I'm trying to watch Sesame Street, Daddy!

I'm sneaking up on you. Boo!

All zonked out.

Until tomorrow,
Dave T.

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